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Q? Will a crack in a window get worse?

A. It’s likely. Small chips and cracks definitely have a tendency to get worse over time. Thermal expansion, weather conditions, structural movement, can all contribute to the declining condition.

Q? I feel like there is a breeze coming through my windows even when they’re closed. Is that possible?

A. Typically this means that the window seals are not doing their job correctly. It might be a case of replacing the seals, or maybe it’s time for a new window.

Q? I can get rid of the mould at the base of my shower screen.

A. Mould will have a tendency to develop around framework and corners. Unless you replace it with a frameless solution, you are likely to have this problem as an ongoing issue.

Q? I love the look of glass pool fences, but I am concerned about the strength.

A. Valid observation. It is hard to believe that a glass fence could be so strong, however these panels a put through a vigorous compliance stress test and not only are they constructed with hardened glass, they also have a laminate to prevent shattering.


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