Beautiful Northern Beaches Frameless Shower Screens

Add that modern touch to your bathrooms with a Frameless Shower Screen.

Northern Beaches Frameless Shower Screens

A Frameless Shower Screen puts a modern touch on your bathrooms.

The bathroom in your family home should be a space you love to be in and exude a sense of luxury and quality. However over time, styles change and bathrooms can easily feel outdated and old.
An easy solution to bring some life back into that old tired bathroom, no matter the style or decor is to install a semi-frameless or frameless shower screen. It will give your bathroom that modern, minimalist look and feel while blending in with understated elegance through it’s smooth, clean lines. You’ll love spending time in your bathroom again (which may not be ideal if you have teenage daughters).
Whether you’ve got a tight space that you want to open up or a large space that you just want to add a quality, luxury feel too, a frameless shower screen is a timeless option for your next bathroom overhaul.
Aesthetically, the clean lines of a frameless shower screen really make it the best option for a small space. Before thinking about major renovations, like knocking walls down to make your bathroom bigger, why not think about adding a frameless shower screen to the space?

It will immediately add a sense of space and potentially save you a fortune.

If you’re looking to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom, then you can’t go past a frameless shower screen. It’s minimalist look adds such a sense of luxury that makes you feel like you’re in a day spa rather than your family bathroom.

Depending on the style you are looking for we can install your frameless shower screen on hinges, permanently fixed, or maybe a sliding model.
All our frameless screens are made with tempered glass, so they’re tough & durable enough for everyday use. Plus we use only the best quality fittings for long lasting quality. You’ll never have to deal with unsightly dirt & grime build up because our frameless shower screens eliminate the need for lips & ledges, meaning they are more hygienic for your family as well as easier and quicker to keep clean.

We provide an extensive range of solutions to fit any bathroom:


Frameless Shower Screens


Semi-Frameless Shower Screens


Custom Made Screens


Frameless Sliding Screens


Corner Options


Fixed Partitions


Over Bath


Wall to Wall



You don’t have to live with a constricted, framed shower any longer.

A frameless shower screen can transform your bathroom into an ultra-luxurious space that you love.
We can customise your frameless shower screen to your exact specifications, making your bathroom 100% unique.
Of course our shower screens comply with Australian Standards and we use only the best solid brass hinges and brackets – so they’ll suit any style of bathroom.
Plus all of the silicones we use are mould resistant, meaning you’ll get a longer lasting look, while keeping your family healthy in the meantime.

The benefits of installing a frameless shower screen:

  1. You can immediately increase the value of your home by installing a frameless shower screen in our bathroom. A new, modern look bathroom will always add an increasing value to your property.
  2. You can open up a small bathroom space with a frameless shower screen. If you’re bathroom is a small, tight area, then a frameless shower screen is the best option for making the space look & feel bigger. Because the glass is designed to blend into the existing space & fixtures you’ll feel like you’ve got twice the room.
  3. A frameless glass shower screen is a more hygienic option for your family. Because it doesn’t have any tracks or ledges for dirt & grime to build up in, you’ll have a much more hygienic bathroom.

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