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Glass Pool Fencing will transform your pool area into an amazing showpiece

Northern Beaches Glass Pool Fencing

A pool is always a fantastic addition to any family home, providing hours and hours of enjoyment and fun for your family.

Pool fencing is an important safety requirement for enjoying your pool and providing a safe environment for it’s users. Frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing is by far the most popular choice for pool fencing on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, as it transforms your outdoor space into an attractive asset that adds long-lasting value to your home, while providing the safety and peace of mind that you need for your family.

Many people today create their outdoor spaces as a seamless experience, breaking the barriers between indoor and outdoor pool areas.

Glass pool fencing offers the perfect solution for creating this style and also adding a sense of space. Imagine, taking a swim while still having your family and friends in view. Or watching the kids in the pool with unrestricted views.
Glass pool fencing allows you to enjoy your outdoor space the way you intended it to look without compromising on the design and luxury of your outdoor space. Plus a glass fence allows for the maximum amount of sunlight to hit the pool providing that gorgeous sparkling look, and warm swimmable water.

At Premier Glass, our glass pool fencing is designed to have a longer life expectancy than other types of fences, which means it will continue to provide you with safety and style for many years to come.
Made from tempered glass and marine grade fixtures, you can be sure that it is tough enough to withstand the harsh Northern Beaches elements and climate.
Whether you choose frameless or semi-frameless panels we guarantee they will be durable, tough & able to endure substantial impact.
You can be assured that all our glass fencing is installed with the highest quality and current Australian safety standards.

Your families’ safety is our highest priority.

Glass pool fencing also provides many safety advantages over ordinary pool fencing.

By providing a safe barrier between your main outdoor areas and the pool, you’ll keep children and adults of all ages safely away from the water when they aren’t swimming.
Another benefit over traditional pool fencing is that because there are no bars or gaps, children and pets cannot climb over or squeeze through the fencing.

Types of glass pool fencing Premier Glass specialises in:


Core Drilled into concrete or paving


Deck Mounted


Side Fixed


Channel or Slot Fixed

Northern Beaches Glass Pool Fencing to suit your property!

At Premier Glass, our glass pool fencing can be installed on most surfaces ranging from concrete, to paving, or an existing deck.
Once installed the glass sits off the ground slightly so that water and dirt can run freely and doesn’t build up along the bottom of the glass. Another option for installing your glass pool fence is a channel or slot fixed into the ground. This gives the illusion that the fence is coming straight up out of the ground or floor. If you are looking for this type of installation then you’ll need to arrange it during the construction of your outdoor space so that the appropriate formwork can be laid.

There is no better way to enjoy the Australian outdoor lifestyle than with a pool, and by adding a glass pool fence you’ll be adding the ultimate in style & luxury to your outdoor space. Our team of glaziers have over 30 years experience installing glass pool fencing in the Northern Beaches and can work with you to design your pool fencing to your exact specifications while providing you with the best advice and technical expertise for your project.

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