Nothing says luxury like glass balcony fencing. It offers unobstructed views, gorgeous craftsmanship, and a high-end feel. Not to mention taking advantage of the fantastic surrounding we find ourselves in on the Northern Beaches. Who would want to add an obstruction to that gorgeous view of Narrabeen after all?

Once you decide that you are going with glass for your balcony fencing, there are several different options that Premier Glass can discuss with you. Whether you choose framed glass balcony railings or frameless, outdoor or indoor, you will be improving the look and value of your home greatly.

Framed glass balcony

If you’ve decided to go with framed glass balcony railings, you have made a great decision. Premier Glass custom designs them to suit your house or neighbourhood. Framed glass balcony fencing is stunning to behold, and can be used on a tiled, concrete or decked¬†balcony. It is also fabulous for pool enclosures, hot tubs, stairways and decks.

Frameless Balcony Fencing

On a clear day, it really will seem like you can see forever. Frameless glass gives the illusion of an unobstructed view, and instantly improves your property’s value. Relax on your balcony and see right through your beautiful frameless glass railings to that view of the beach. They are designed to make the most of your landscaping and property, not block it in any way. Using stainless steel fittings, your frameless glass railing system can be installed on your balcony balustrade, and is also wonderful around your swimming pool area. They can also be installed directly into concrete, steel or timber, and are sturdy and safe – made with 12 millimetre safety glass.

The preferred choice for Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches

Framed and frameless glass balustrades and balconies are the perfect way to take full advantage of the breathtaking views of the area, while still providing the safety that is required by every family. More and more people are realising that there’s no need to block the view with an ugly railing. Enjoy the sunshine on your balcony while enjoying the gorgeous area unobstructed.

Indoor glass balustrade

The lines of your home’s architecture will be uninterrupted when you install a glass balustrade inside your home. It adds long-term value and looks absolutely stunning. There are many different styles to choose from, and all will be completely customised to your home. Indoor glass balustrades create a modern, luxurious feeling of space, and let light stream through. They are built tough to put up with the rigours of family life, yet have an elegant and graceful look.

Trust the professionals

Premier Glass have been in business for 30 years and are very familiar with all Australian standard requirements, as well as local balcony fencing regulations. They will work with you to design your glass balcony fencing, and use the utmost in professionalism from start to finish. Our experienced installers can install your frameless or framed glass balustrade with very little disruption to your life. Call us today for a free consultation and you are on your way to an absolutely gorgeous addition to your Northern Beaches home.

Glass fencing from Premier Glass are made with toughened glass and are perfectly designed for the Australian climate. Don’t block your view! Enjoy it with custom framed or frameless glass balcony railings.