Modern, elegant & timeless – glass shower screens are rapidly replacing other alternatives in the Northern Beaches and beyond, and for good reason.

Recently, people are moving away from traditional shower screens and opting for glass alternatives. Glass shower screens create the illusion of unlimited space while maintaining optimum comfort and security. There’s nothing more claustrophobic than being cramped in a small, walled off shower cubicle, or having a beautiful view obscured by unsightly screens. Glass is the solution, and you may be surprised at the difference it can make in your home.

Keeping up with modern décor 

Like anything else, the look of your bathroom can go out of style very quickly, and there’s no better way to bring it back to life quite like quality glass shower screens. Reclaim that room in your northern beaches house as a sanctuary: a place to unwind, clean up and feel secure and at home. Frameless and semi-frameless shower screens are now available, and bring a generous serving of sophistication to any bathroom set-up.

Avoiding the expense and exhaust of renovations

There’s simply no need for drastic measures or big renovations in your bathroom space. Removing opaque walls from your bathroom and replacing them with glass shower screens will transform the space entirely, giving any tired bathroom the cutting edge it may sorely need.

Pros and cons of glass shower screens

There’s no need to worry about the sturdiness of the glass, because glass shower screens are made with tempered glass. This ensures that they are of a high quality and are durable enough for everyday use.

Think about what glass pool fencing adds to a home. That feeling of endlessness, that unobscured view, that visibility with all of the benefits of security. The same applies to showers, and glass can change the whole showering experience for the better.

Glass and property valuation

You can’t deny the trends already in place. People are starting to recognise and appreciate the difference that glass can make to the atmosphere of any environment. Therefore, the value of a property is likely to increase with the addition of more glass. This is for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which being the look. On inspection of your house, glass creates a modern, clean, welcoming atmosphere that is highly sought after in the property market.

And updating your Northern Beaches bathroom with a glass shower screen will add that much needed value and wow factor that will make your home stand out against all the others.

Family hygiene

In the bathroom, frameless shower screens are a more hygienic option for the household. Traditionally, they tend not to have the build-up of grime and dirt that regular showers do. Naturally, this is a more appealing option for anyone who prides himself or herself on a clean, safe, family-friendly home.

Add cubic metres to any room 

The other major benefit of glass is that it can drastically transform the perceived size of any room. Small bathrooms can be made to feel roomy, and glass blends into any existing décor you have set up, making any space feel twice as big and twice as stylish.

So for a modern, elegant look in your bathroom, turn to the experts at Premier Glass. We’ve been serving the Northern Beaches & Sydney for over 30 years.