Of course, verandahs are found throughout the world, but although originally a Portuguese word, they have featured prominently in Northern Beaches architecture for more than a century and a half. This is no doubt due to our beautiful weather conditions which leave us wanting to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can.
Originally verandahs were often enclosed by a heavy-duty railing, and this didn’t always add to the style of the building and could even hamper the enjoyment of the view. Thankfully, as many years have passed since this original concept, changes have been made that mean, here at Premier Glass, we can provide you with stunning frameless or framed glass verandah fencing that adds much to the style, and even the value, of your property.

As well as providing superb verandah fencing options, our experienced team can also offer stylish solutions for balconies, and any pool or other outdoor entertaining areas. Incidentally, inside modern business buildings, with multi-floor and open-plan designs, we can add a verandah-style fencing solution which allows both maximum safety and a sense of the openness and light that is so often sought.

Let’s head back outdoors, and particularly if your location is right on one of our wonderful Northern Beaches, then you’ll appreciate that our glass verandah fencing can be a great ally in offering the level of protection you need against our occasional chilly breezes and other climactic moments, allowing you to spend more days of the year basking in the outdoor living style you enjoy.

Of course, one of the prime reasons for adding a stylish glass verandah fencing design to your home (we can also provide superb solutions for many business customers who want to offer their patrons an outdoor eating or drinking experience) is to make sure it’s a safe environment for younger family members. They, and you, can then enjoy the stunning views many properties offer, to their maximum. This means avoiding any heavyweight barriers, where the construction actually blocks out the view – and perhaps a fair bit of light as well.

The solution is found in our Premier Glass selection of superb, stylish and modern glass, lightly framed and even completely frameless verandah fencing. At the same time leaving you free to enjoy the beautiful scenic view, at all times of the day from a cool breakfast moment to a warm drowsy evening, while also enhancing the stylish view others have of your property.

Like Northern Beaches residents themselves, in fact all Sydneysiders, our products are long-lasting, strong and tough, and continue to look good even as the years pass! To find out the options for your home or commercial premises, simply give us a call on 0414 647 634. We’re happy to use our long experience to answer any questions, and of course any quote we provide is both free and without any obligation on your part. Allow us to help you make the most of your outdoor area and the time you spend there with your very own verandah fencing!