As you enjoy the soothing, warming, cleansing jets of your shower in your Northern Beaches home, added to by the elegance of one of our stylish frameless shower screens, it might cross your mind to wonder how easily we got to this point. Over the quarter of a century or so that Premier Glass has been supplying and fitting quality screens, occasionally customers have wondered in passing about the history of the shower unit. So, here goes…
A few drops from history

It’s probably not a surprise that the first showers man used were simply waterfalls. The next alternative was to bathe in a basin, but needed the transportation of large quantities of water – and probably a similar number of servants! In Egypt, there is early evidence of rooms being set aside where jugs of cold water were poured over the recipient. The ancient Greeks used lead pipes to provide facilities in communal washrooms. Closer to today, a mechanical hand-pumped shower was patented almost 250 years ago in London. A chain handle would be used to release the water flow. By the 1870s, a fairly recognisable system to us today was used by the French army, and within a decade or so had been introduced into public bathhouses.

Moving to modern times

But enough of history – thankfully, today, showering is a much more private and enjoyable experience, especially when you take advantage of the many benefits offered by either frameless or semi-framed shower screens, like the many superb choices available here at Premier Glass. So this certainly makes shower facilities considerably more stylish than in the past!

Our frameless or semi-frameless shower screens certainly provide a great way to immediately add a fresh interest to a traditional bathroom, or help change a design that, as years pass, may begin to appear slightly tired. Equally, our screens superbly complement a more up-to-the-minute restyling or remodelling project, often offering a spa-like feel. Moving away from heavy frames instantly appears to increase both the space in smaller bathrooms and the amount of light in your shower area – indeed the whole bathroom itself.

Add to this a minimalist sense of elegance and you might well find “just taking a quick shower” becomes a much longer and more enjoyable time than before. Of course, our Premier Glass shower screens also benefit yourself or your family by being an extremely healthy and hygienic option as the lack of that heavy frame means there are no ledges for dirt, grime, or even mould to build up.

No matter your bathroom layout, our two generations of experience in providing superb shower screens and solutions, throughout the Northern Beaches and across the whole Sydney area, is at your disposal. And, as you’d expect, all our work fully complies with current Australian Standards.

If you feel it’s time to add a frameless or semi-framed shower screen to your bathroom, we can offer fixed, hinged or sliding, over bath, wall to wall, corner, or u-shaped choices, as well as custom made shower screens. To discuss your specific requirements, simply give us a call here at Premier Glass on 0414 647 634. Tell us what you want and we’ll happily provide an entirely obligation-free quote, and answer any other questions you might have.