Glass fencing is the perfect choice for enclosing areas around your northern beaches home or business, as not only is it stylish and modern, glass fencing can also be used for numerous residential and commercial applications, including fencing your pool, balcony, barbecue or patio area.

One of the many benefits of installing a glass fence over other fencing materials, such as steel or timber, is that it doesn’t break up the natural flow of your surroundings. It is also very versatile, suiting any style of commercial or domestic residence, whether classic or contemporary.

Whether you are installing fencing in your home or at the office it’s a versatile and stylish solution. If you live on the Northern Beaches, chances are you have some kind of view and a glass fence will help you to take full advantage of any views you might have.  And if you are wanting to make a statement in your office then you can’t go past the elegant simplicity of a glass fence.

While there are many different types of glass fencing available on the market, designed for a broad range of applications, tastes and lifestyles, the fully frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing systems are generally the most sought after in Australia, and can be designed and manufactured in a broad range of thicknesses and heights.

All glass fencing in Australia is manufactured under stringent national standards, and is customised to your exact specifications. All of our glass pool fences are designed with self-latching and self-closing gates, which are critical safety features to avoid children accessing the pool area if a gate is left open by mistake.

To ensure our glass fencing is of the highest standard, we incorporate specialised equipment during the manufacturing process. Our glass is heat tempered for strength and resilience, using a glass tempering machine. The tempering machine heats the glass to a preset temperature, which results in the glass becoming up to four or five times stronger.

We also have the latest automatic cutting tables for precision cutting, first time every time, along with state-of-the-art polishing machines, so that the finish of our frameless and semi-frameless glass is flawless, smooth and blemish-free.

Once your frameless or semi-frameless glass fences have been manufactured, it is then installed with superior quality hardware, designed not only to be aesthetically appealing, but also resistant to weathering. Our fences are held erect by either stainless steel or aluminium posts. The stainless steel posts and hardware we use for our fencing is always marine grade, designed for strength and durability.

We also customise your posts and hardware to individual tastes, whether you prefer a satin or high polished finish. You have the option of square or rounded posts, which are tailored to suit your individual preference and the style of your home or business in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Designed and manufactured to a premium quality, we have strict quality controls in place to make sure that every fence we produce remains consistent. During all stages of the production process, from cutting and polishing through to tempering and packing, we have personnel who inspect the glass, with any blemished products being set aside.

Our glass fencing is also backed by a comprehensive warranty and designed and manufactured to withstand wear-and-tear. Speak to our team at Premier Fencing about your commercial and residential fencing and installation needs today.