These days, glass is becoming more and more popular in a number of ways, including in the form of glass shower screens and pool fences. Another area that is on the rise is the use of glass balustrade. Traditionally, these are constructed with metal or wood, but now glass is becoming more and more widely used in Northern Beaches homes.

Balustrades are basically the railings on stair wells and balconies, providing extra beauty and sophistication to any home. You may be asking yourself why it’s preferable to use glass because the traditional metal and carved wood railings are usually quite elaborate and aesthetically pleasing. Keep reading to learn the answer!

Firstly, they are environmentally friendly. The glass that is used to make them can easily be recycled, and glass doesn’t corrode or emit any hazardous substances, which metal is prone to do. Also, the fittings used to install glass balustrades are made from either powder-coated aluminium or high quality stainless steel, which means they won’t corrode either.

Glass balustrades are also far easier to maintain than wood or metal. Glass is easy to clean, so you can use gentle eco-friendly detergents and still get it just as clean as if you’d used a high-grade chemical cleaner. Additionally, if the glass does get scratched or damaged, you can fix it simply by polishing it out. Wood or metal damage is far more difficult to fix.

In terms of aesthetics, they have great appeal. With glass, more light is allowed in which gives your home a brighter feel and increases your ability to see your surroundings, making your home feel more spacious. Because it’s clear, it doesn’t feel like a wall or barrier like some traditional balustrades tend to do. Because glass combines so well with other kinds of materials, it gives you a great deal more diversity and options to choose from for your interior décor. And, when used on stair wells, glass can sometimes give the illusion that your staircase is floating.

Many people think of glass and the first words that come to mind are flimsy, fragile, and dangerous. This is absolutely not the case. Glass balustrades actually provide additional safety. They are more durable than wood or metal, and the glass used is tempered so that it will be extremely difficult to crack or break. In the event it does break, it’s designed so that it won’t create any sharp shards. This makes them a great choice, even for homes with young children.

Overall, glass balustrades are a fantastic idea for any home on the Northern Beaches, and are an investment that will last for many years. If you do decide to give glass a try, be sure to go to a professional glass company so that you get high-quality glass and proper installation services. If you’re in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, give Premier Glass a try. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we can make sure you get the glass balustrades that are right for your home.