Frameless shower screens add a sense of elegant simplicity to a bathroom, through clean lines and minimalistic design. However, adding luxury to your bathroom on the Northern Beaches doesn’t have to compromise the quality of your finishes or your budget. In fact, there are several benefits to frameless shower screens, including safety and quality in the glass design, affordability and easy to install, clean, and maintain. And the fact that they come with a range of aesthetic options, through a choice of colours, finishes and designs to suit any style of bathroom.

Made from toughened glass, frameless shower screens are one of the strongest and safest materials available, made from varying thicknesses and accompanied with a shatterproof film. However, no matter how thick the glass, the level of safety remains the same, and depending on your own personal preferences, the thickness of glass is a cosmetic choice and will not compromise its safety.

When choosing a frameless shower screen, it is important to determine how the screen will be fixed, whether to the wall, floor, or ceiling and how it will be used, whether as part of a walk-in shower, above a bathtub, or with a sliding door. Once the decision has been made and requirements briefed to your installer, the frameless shower screen will be installed easily, utilising chrome clips or aluminium channel fixings, and held in place with special mould resistant silicon.

With minimal components utilised to fix the glass, the screens are extremely easy to maintain and keep clean regularly. And with the absence of any inner frame edges and large fixings it minimises the chances of soap scum, mould and long term corrosion building up. The panel of glass can be easily cleaned with a basic kitchen sponge and an appropriate glass cleanser.

Due to the nature of frameless shower screens, they can be designed to match the style of any bathroom. The minimalistic nature of a glass shower screen will compliment both modern and traditional bathroom styles, meaning your northern beaches bathroom will have a timeless look that will last for many years.

The open and frameless design of the shower screens open up the bathroom space allowing natural light to filter through, showcasing other design features within the bathroom, including feature tiles. If you want to add additional design features to accentuate your other bathroom décor, frameless shower screens also come in a range of colours, fittings, finishes, custom patterns and frostings, which is also great for additional privacy.

All of this being said, achieving a look of bathroom luxury doesn’t have to break the bank. Frameless shower screens are a cheap and effective way to upgrade the look of your bathroom without any framing and minimal fixing requirements, and there is no need to undertake a full renovation. In addition, frameless shower screens have been known to increase the value of Northern Beaches homes with a modern, clean and sophisticated look.

With over 30 years of experience and offering an extensive range of solutions to fit any bathroom including frameless, semi-frameless, custom made, sliding, fixed, and corner solutions, Premier Glass will help you to transform your Northern Beaches home into a beautiful, modern showpiece.

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