Here at Premier Glass, we’ve always found (as we’re now into our second generation as a family-owned business) that we discover much more by listening to our customers than by simply talking to them! A prime example of this is when we ask for their specific reasons for choosing and using one of our products.

Take our frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing – and many folk around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and elsewhere already have. We find there are three key reasons for their choice, so we thought we’d let you consider which of these might apply to your situation.

Proven safety and security

Of course, it’s important to make sure your pool area offers as safe an environment as possible, allowing family, friends, and guests to enjoy it to the maximum. Particularly where young children are involved, the fact that our glass pool fencing provides a seamless barrier (with no bars or gaps to squeeze through) helps ensure they stay away from the pool when you don’t want them to be there. It’s also true that they provide a better viewing environment when the youngsters are in the pool and you want to keep an eye on them as well. Several customers have also mentioned that they are invaluable in keeping pets from making the pool a part of their own personal domain! As you would expect, each of our pool fencing projects is completed to match the requirements of all current Australian safety standards.

Stylish appearance

Sadly, some barriers that people put around their pool leave them looking like a kind of maximum security site! Apart from detracting from the overall appearance of your property, this can make the use of your pool a much less pleasurable experience for both family and visitors. Our frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing options allow you to provide a much more seamless appearance for your property – giving it the luxurious and welcoming look you want it to have. With no ugly barriers or fencing to worry about you can bring maximum exposure to other features of your beautifully crafted backyard. And incidentally, our glass pool fencing options also allow as much sunlight as possible to warm the water and give it that sparkling, jump-in-right-now look.

Glass Pool Fencing provides them with enduring value

Our Premier Glass frameless or semi-frameless pool panel fences benefit from the enduring strength of tempered glass, backed up with marine grade fixtures, and these combine to provide a longer lifespan than many other possible methods for fencing off your swimming pool. This is because our glass pool fencing is designed to better withstand any of the wildness or extremes that our Australian climate can sometimes throw at them. Talking of which, whether core drilled into concrete or paving, side, channel or slot fixed, or deck mounted, our panels are also tough and durable enough to deal with all the chaos of family life!

If it’s time to install or upgrade the fencing around your pool area, give us a call on 0414 647 634 and tell us what you need. All our quotes are completely obligation-free, and as we mentioned right at the start, we do like to listen!