There are numerous reasons why glass pool fencing, rather than timber or steel, is the ideal choice for your pool enclosure on the Northern Beaches. To assist you in making the decision to install a glass pool fence, we’ve listed several of these reasons below:

Clear and unobstructed view of your pool area

There is nothing more enjoyable, as the proud owner of a pool, than to be able to glance out of the window of your home and see this striking water feature on a daily basis. By installing glass pool fencing around your pool, it enables you to have a clear, unobstructed view of your pool and its surroundings. What better way is there to clear your head after a long day than thinking of memories of quality time spent relaxing with friends and family, both in and out of the water?

Increased property value

A glass fence around your pool instantly adds value to a home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as well as representing a long-term investment. Glass pool fences are built to last, designed and manufactured from tempered glass and marine grade steel, so you can rest assured that once you install glass fencing, it will still look great and maintain its condition for many years to come. By adding the timeless look of glass fencing you can be assured that the value of your house will continue to rise and not need updating in a few years time.

Pool safety

Under Australian government pool safety regulations, if you have a pool then it must be fenced, to avoid unsupervised access to the pool by toddlers and small children. By installing glass pool fencing, it ensures you are abiding by government regulations. As it is not partitioned and incredibly difficult to climb over, there is minimal chance that a small child will be able to find a way either through or over this type of fence, so this product offers a superior safety aspect.

Longer life expectancy than other materials

Glass fencing has been tested and proven to have a longer life expectancy than other fencing materials available on the market. With the strength and durability of heat tempering, and the finest posts and accessories designed and manufactured from premium marine grade steel, glass pool fencing will maintain its superior condition for years after installation, even with a lifetime of hard knocks from the family pets, kids and even the grandkids!

Maximum sunlight exposure

Glass pool fencing assists with keeping your pool warm nearly all year round, providing maximum exposure from the sun. It also enables you to keep your pool heating costs to a minimum, making glass pool fencing a more financially viable alternative to other materials.

Easy installation on most surfaces

Whether you have concrete, paving or even a timber deck surrounding your pool, it is a fast and efficient process to install a glass fence on a wide variety of surfaces, and once installed, glass fencing is also simple and easy to keep clean. Being so versatile and with a range of installation options it makes a glass pool fence the ultimate solution for any Northern Beaches home.

For top quality heat tempered glass fencing, you can rely on our expert glaziers at Premier Glass. We offer core drilled, deck mounted, side, channel or slot fixed fencing to suit a complete range of applications.